Benefits of Essiac

By | June 25, 2014

The benefits of Essiac herbal tea are varied and lauded by many. It can be used to by those suffering from different forms of cancer to provide for comfort and has multiple ways to relieve suffering involved with this and other ailments along with providing positive restorative effects.

Essiac herbal tea was invented by Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse. She was born in 1888 and named the formula for this unique and restorative tea by spelling her name backwards. She used this tea to assist those suffering from all forms of cancer including advanced breast cancer, advanced bladder cancer, and prostate cancer as it had wonderful restorative abilities that helped reduce symptoms and assist the patient’s body in its fight against cancer and other maladies.


Constituents of Essiac Herbal Tea

There were several different recipes that make up Essiac herbal tea. Some of the constituents that make one version of the tea include sheep sorrel, rhubarb root, slippery elm, and burdock root. A derivative version of the tea includes other items such as watercress, red clover, kelp, and milk thistle.

Typical Preparation of Essiac Tea

The benefits of Essiac tea is partially derived from the process that is used to make it. The process uses multiple boiling operations to fully infuse the extracts from the ingredients. When the tea is finally ready for storage, it can be decanted into canning jars for short to medium term storage.

Essiac Benefits for Cancer Patients

Essiac has been found in one Mayo Clinic survey to be used by up to 10% of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Because of its pleasing and mild taste, it is tolerated well by a wide variety of people.

Several of the special herbs and extracts have proven to provide positive health benefits. Red Clover has shown to contain compounds that restrict estrogen release. Burdock root has shown in some studies to restrain the absorption of estrogen in the bloodstream after the blood has passed through the liver. Excess estrogen has shown to increase the growth of cancer cells in some women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sheep Sorrel produces aloe emodin. This extract has been studied as a cancer fighting agent in the fight against leukemia. The Rhubarb root in Essiac tea been compared with traditional chemotherapies such as Taxol, Platinol, and Rubex.

A 2004 report in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary medicine detailed that the benefits of Essiac and stated that it may have a positive effect on the immune system. Having a healthy immune system is a foundational asset in treating prostate cancer.


Essiac tea has proven to have several positive benefits outside its use as a cancer treatment. It has been show to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Calm the stomach
  • Provide energy
  • Improve the appetite

Cautions with Essiac Tea

Essiac was intended to be ingested as a tea and should never be given intravenously. Some of the elements of Essiac tea such as oxalic acid and Sheep Sorrel have been shown to increase the chance of kidney stones for patients who have had stones in the past.

Rhubarb root has shown to be an excellent laxative, but it should be avoided by people who could have a potential bowel obstruction. Because it does act as a laxative, some people may experience the gastrointestinal distress including bloating and a gassy feeling. It can also cause a frequent urination in some people.

Best Practice with Essiac Tea

To best receive the positive benefits of Essiac, it is strongly advised that it be taken on an empty stomach. Because of its intense extracts, it can cause some indigestion, nausea, or stomach discomfort if ingested with a full stomach. It is also encouraged that people drinking Essiac tea to detoxify their system also drink an increased amount of water to assist in the detoxifying process.

The benefits of Essiac have been seen in the many people who have used it, but precautions need to be taken with any news substance. As with any medicine or herbal remedies, people considering using them should consult with their physician before trying anything new such as Essiac tea. No interactions have been found with the use of Essiac tea and traditional medicines, but consulting a physician is always highly recommended.

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