Benefits of Aromatherapy

By | December 19, 2013

Chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefoss, discovered the benefits of aromatherapy in the 1920’s by accident. While working in his perfume laboratory, his arm accidentally caught fire.

Grabbing the nearest cold liquid he could see, which was lavender oil, he discovered that not only did this put the fire out, but his burns didn’t scar nor hurt. Maurice Gatefosse coined the word “aromatherapy” from this experience.

Today, aromatherapy is considered a science. There is a proper method to use in extracting essential oils from herbs, plants and other natural resources to create products that help with ones well-being and health. These plant essences may either be applied to the skin or used as a scent stimulant.

Rene-Maurice Gattefoss

The benefits of aromatherapy come in treatments that, for years, have been proven to bring physical and emotional well-being. Those that have been using essential oils for a long time believe in its power to heal inside and out. Some people use aromatherapy in coordination with meditation and yoga practices believing that this helps ease muscle soreness, clear the mind and uplift their mood.

Aromatherapy can treat conditions like anxiety, stress, muscle pains, headaches, asthma, eczema, problems with digestion and problems with menopause. Its scope is diverse and varied, and perhaps useful for any kind of health problem.

Bottles of essential oils can be bought at pharmacies or specialty stores and health shops for personal use. You can keep a stock of essential oils at home to use when bathing or for medical emergencies that may require first aid. Toiletries like bath soaps also have essential oils in them, which supposedly improve your physical wellness.

Spas offer several treatments for the face, hands, feet and body, using aromatherapy products. Massage therapists use aromatherapy oils when giving full body massages, as this helps with blood circulation or relaxation of the muscles.

The Egyptians, Indians and Chinese in the ancient period have known about the benefits of aromatherapy long before Gatefosse coined the word for it. Using essential oils can be very beneficial, but like many things, they must be used properly and in moderation.

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