Aroma Spray Recipe

By | February 14, 2014

It is easy to follow an aroma spray recipe, if you want a more superior and economical product. Most of these bottles usually sell at about $12.00 per 4 ounces in beauty or health stores. But this price already includes marketing, advertising and labor, on top of the raw goods used to create it. Creating your own merits more satisfaction and with a little experimentation, you can even blend ingredients that are far better than store bought aroma spray.

As long as you already have the essential oils in stock then you are ready to proceed with this project. For this aromatic spray recipe follow these steps:

  1. Have a list of essential oils you would want to combine. You should do your study beforehand and know which oil can be hazardous and which oil works best together.
  2. Pour these aromatherapy oils in equal parts on glass containers or vials.
  3. Using another container, pour seven ounces of spring water, and then add an ounce of witch hazel extract. Make sure that this has been alcohol-distilled. This is what is known as the base mixture of the aroma spray.
  4. Blend your choice of essential oil into this. You will need about 1 ml at least. Make sure to shake this very well. Notice that the oil will separate, which means that the witch hazel is reacting and doing what it’s supposed to do.

The final step to this aroma spray recipe is actually up to you. You can choose to add more water or oil, depending on preference.

Some of the suggested herbs you can use to enhance the spray include basil, spearmint, peppermint, bay leaf, chamomile, oregano and geranium.

For quality essential oils, we recommend Mountain Rose Herbs.

Take note that whatever container you use in the final mixture will be the permanent one to use. Avoid having light get into your mixture, as this will lessen the effectiveness of the aroma spray. Use an atomizer for your container so that it is more efficient to use. Store this in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.