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By | February 27, 2014

Alternative Health Articles on Homeopathic Treatments and Remedies

Investigating the choices available for treating minor or persistent medical conditions means reading alternative health articles including comparisons between natural remedies and therapies. Some western medical parishioners are beginning to accept alternative therapies when used in conjunction with modern therapies, including Ginger tea for nausea that is a side effect from cancer chemotherapy.

Non-traditional medical therapies and treatments can include alternative health articles on:

    • Aromatherapy, which is the use of specific essential oil aromas to affect a positive change in emotional and or physical well being.
    • Homeopathy relies on the concept that “like treats like” and uses compounds derived from plants and mineral to create remedies that affect specific body responses plus homeopathic remedies are safe for all ages and genders including pets.
    • Five Flower Remedies are based on principles developed by Dr. E. Bach that use specific flowers to cure and heal medical conditions based on the concept that negative energies promote illness plus these remedies are available in many forms and are safe for use by children and pets.
    • Herbal Remedies are created from plants, shrubs, trees and occasionally lichens and fungus that are natural plus many can be made fresh from herbs that will grow easily in a flower bed or vegetable garden.
    • Acupuncture is an Oriental practice of inserting needles that are thin as a hair in specific locations on the body to improve a body function, heal a specific condition and lessen pain.
    • Acupressure works on the same principle as Acupuncture only pressure is applied to specific locations instead of needles.
    • Chinese herbal medicine is a strict discipline that involves plants, flowers, shrubs and other natural substances that are primarily found only in that geographic area.
    • Ayurvedic alternative therapy was developed in India and takes a more emotional approach to illness, physiological changes and other conditions and uses plant substances that are often only found growing in that area of the world.

Alternative Acne Treatments
There are several acne alternative treatments that can help impede or even cure acne. The Chinese believe that acne is caused by toxicity and heat in the blood stream.

Alternatives vs Herbal Remedies
Alternatives vs herbal remedies is one of the age old debates in the circles of alternative and herbal medicine.

Five Flower Remedy
The Five Flower Remedy is a combination of the essences of five specific flowers, each possessing unique curative characteristics.

Homeopathy Remedies
Homeopathy remedies are based on the Law of Similars, which basically relies on the premise that exposure to certain substances can stimulate curative powers in one’s own body.

Homeopathy for Kids
Generally, children and babies respond very well to homeopathic treatment. They have usually not been exposed to as much conventional drug therapy as adults.

Natural Remedies for ADHD
ADHD is a challenging condition, but many natural remedies for ADHD can help.

Natural Remedies are Healthier
As people begin to realize natural remedies are healthier, alternative medicine is becoming more accepted. Natural approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease are a viable option to allopathic medicine and its traditional use of synthetic substances.

History of Alternative Medicine
The history of alternative medicine is probably much older than most people suspect. While its origination is difficult to pinpoint in time, historical records show that methods of alternative healing can be found up to and over 6000 years ago.

Krill Oil Benefits
With more and more people becoming health conscious and adding natural supplements to their diets, krill oil has become increasingly popular for numerous reasons.

Natural Health Remedies – Debugging the Myths
The modern world is endlessly being turned by newly discovered treatments and medicines and sometimes seems to have forgotten the natural health remedies.

These alternative health articles feature various herbal treatments that just didn’t seem to fit elsewhere.

There are many minor conditions that respond well to all natural herbal and alternative treatments including acne, athletes foot, colic, colds, flu’s and reading alternative health articles will provide the information required to make good choices for yourself, your family and pets.

Check back often as we’ll be adding additional alternative health articles to this list on a regular basis.

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