Agrimony Herb

By | February 3, 2014

Agrimony herb Agrimonia eupatoria (Rose Family) was once a common safe plant that was used as an astringent and grown in most household gardens. This herb has many beneficial properties and is finding its way back into flower gardens providing fresh, nontoxic safe alternative to over the counter medications.

Intestinal Complaints

Finding safe plants to use when making children’s herbal remedies can be difficult but Agrimony herb is one that can be safe to use for a wide variety of common minor medical complaints including:

Agrimony Herb
  • Diarrhea
  • Cramping associated with gastrointestinal flu
  • Colic
  • Flatulence
  • As an anti-parasitic
  • Fevers
  • Spring tonics to help cleanse the digestive system
  • Bladder infections
  • Bed wetting and leakage of urine

Internal Uses

Agrimony, Agrimonia eupatoria, is a member of the Rose family and be used for a number of minor medical conditions including diabetes, colds and fevers caused by common viral infections, and colitis. High blood pressure may be reduce by using Agrimony herb combined with other herbs that assist in maintaining proper blood pressure and Spring tonics often contain Agrimony to help detoxify the blood, liver and pancreas. Agrimony is used in many parts of Europe in many commercial products including herbal teas to help lessen the affects of Alzheimer’s symptoms, recovering from infectious conditions including the common cold and to help boost the immune system.

Cancer Therapy

The immune boosting properties of Agrimony allow it to be used by cancer patients undergoing traditional cancer treatments plus this herb is demonstrating that it may inhibit the growth of certain tumors. Drinking Agrimony tea daily helps to increase the production of B-cells especially for those who are afflicted with leukemia and ovarian cancers since these types of cancers deplete B-cells. Traditional cancer treatments including chemotherapy often cause diarrhea and cramping of the lower intestines and Agrimony may provide natural relief that is easier on the stomach than prescription medications.

External Uses

Agrimony herb contains many antiseptic, astringent, anti-viral and antibacterial properties that provide a safe alternative for many conditions including:

  • Cleaning solution for wounds
  • Mouthwash for gingivitis, gum disease and mouth injuries
  • Bleeding and seeping wounds
  • As a poultice for burns
  • Skin rashes
  • Hives, from allergic reactions and bug bites
  • Eczema to help control infection


The antispasmodic properties of Agrimony can be useful for many minor respiratory complains especially when added to herbal cough syrup or cough drops. Drinking Agrimony tea that contains Cherry, Horehound and or Chamomile may ease chest congestion and tightness. The non-toxic properties of this herb allow it to be used safely with children with common respiratory complaints, coughs, colds and fevers. Gargling with tea prior to swallowing will lessen the discomfort of sore throats and provide some antibacterial assistance.


Like all herbal and over-the-counter medications talk with your doctor prior to starting any herbal therapies and some people may find that regular use of this herb causes a sensitivity to sunlight or constipation.

Agrimony herb has many uses and since it is a mild herb having few side effects it can be used safely for all family members plus the hardy nature of this plant allows it to be grown in most areas providing a fresh, natural alternative for many minor medical conditions.

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