Herbal Remedies ~ Willow Bark

By | August 21, 2014

Willow Bark Salix species (Willow Family)

Willow Bark Herb ImageThis herb is an analgesic with painkilling properties silmilar to aspirin.

It’s primary compound, salicylic acid, has many of the same analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions as aspirin. It inhibits prostaglandin production, relieves pain, and soothes fevers. Unlike aspirin, it does not thin the blood. Nor does it irritate the stomach lining – a common side effect of aspirin.

This herb is used to treat fever, colds, headaches, minor infections and pain from inflammation. The analgesic properties of this herb are usually slower to take effect, but last longer than aspirin.Available as capsules and salicin tablets.

CAUTIONS: As with aspirin, there is a rare risk of developing Reye’s syndrome. Do not give to children who have viral infections, chickenpox symptoms or flu. Do not combine with aspirin or use if you you have an allergic reaction to aspirin.