By | April 24, 2014

Morinda citrifolia, officianalis (Madder Family)


Also known as Noni, or Noni juice. A natural antioxidant, rich in vitamin C.

This herb has been used for hundreds of years in Malaysia and Polynesia to treat high blood pressure, immune deficiency, diabetes, depression, menstrual problems, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Recent research suggests that noni root compounds contain natural sedative properties and may lower blood pressure. Biochemist, Dr Ralph Heinicke, asserts that proxeronine, an alkaloid precursor to a vital compound called xeronine, helps in the normalization of abnormally functioning cells. Heinicke also claims the noni fruit provides a safe and effective way to increase xeronine levels, which can be depleted by anger, stress, trauma, disease and injury.

Noni juice is gaining in popularity in North America as research continues to shed light on the many health benefits of this tropical herb.