By | April 20, 2014

Kelp Fucus, Macrocystis, Nerocystis (Kelp Family)


Also called Bladderwrack.

Kelp is a rich sources of iodine, a mineral important to thyroid health.

Due to its iodine content, this herb is used as an anti – goiter remedy.

Kelp appears to raise the metabolic rate by increasing hormone production of the thyroid gland. Research is unclear whether this action is limited to poorly functioning thyroids.

Kelp is also sometimes used for rheumatic conditions.

It contains sodium alginate which helps treat heavy metal toxins in the body.

It also contains essential fatty acids, protein, fiber, sodium and is a source of vitamin b12 for vegans.

It is used to treat fibrocystic breasts, constipation and cellulite.

CAUTIONS: Do not take if you have hyperthyroidism, heart problems, or while pregnant or nursing.

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