Herbal Remedies ~ DAN SHEN

By | April 15, 2014

Dan Shen Savia militorrhiza 
(Mint Family)

Dan Shen

This herb is commonly known as a heart tonic. It has been used to strengthen and tone the heart by helping it to beat in a steady, regular rhythm. It is also used to strengthen the liver and stimulate the production of bile.

It has been reported to stimulate, improve, and support the thyroid gland.

It is used in traditional herbal medicine to prevent pain.

This herb protects nerve cells from free-radical damage, and may have applications in preventing alcohol and drug abuse.

Dan shen extracts relax the smooth muscles that support the coronary arteries and increase circulation to the heart, making it useful in treating angina, atherosclerosis, and stroke.

The herb contains a substance called tanshinone IIA1, which slows the transmission of nerve impulses within the heart, slowing the pulse while increasing the heart’s ejection fraction, or the percentage of available blood that the heart’s main pumping chamber pumps into the blood vessels. This herb prevents the formation of clots in the bloodstream and reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is used to enhance the heart-healthy effect of unsaturated fatty acids and protect heart and nerve cells from free-radical damage.

Research in China reports improvements in people taking this herb for angina, stroke, and phlebitis.

Animal experiments indicate that it may prevent recurrence of blockages after angioplasty.

Dan shen changes the rate at which the body absorbs and uses copper. The binding of copper by compounds in dan shen retards the production of fibrin, a protein “rope” on which new blood clots are suspended. This may be useful in treating people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dan shen is useful in treating menopause problems and uterine fibroids. It has been noted by authorities on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that this herb “releases” congealed blood, as shown by dark-red clots during menses, and eases pelvic congestion.

This herb may also be a valuable ally for treating hepatitis and liver damage. It has been shown clinically to be effective in treating chronic hepatitis. It’s also been reported to be effective in suppressing fibrosis in the liver.

CAUTIONS: Not for use if you have hormone-sensitive disorder such as breast or prostate cancer, or are using anticoagulant drugs.