Herbal Remedies ~ Coptis

By | January 14, 2014

Coptis Coptis chinensis 
(Barberry Family)

Coptis Trifolia

This east Asian herb is a relative of the American herb goldenseal. It contains a compound called berberine which has been shown to stop the multiplication of liver cancer and human colorectal cells.

This herb is sometimes used to treat Atherosclerosis due to its ability to reduce blood-cholesterol levels and induced the production of chemicals that hinder the development of atherosclerosis.

Some studies have found that berberine can also lower blood sugarlevels in diabetic animals. This herb is also used to treat parasitic infections due to its ability to kill the organisms that cause giardiasis and trichomoniasis.

In a study done on people with tuberculosis who were spitting blood with cough and fever, all saw their symptoms disappear after taking this herb in capsule form for three months.

CAUTIONS: Small amounts of this herb stimulates the brain and causes alertness while larger doses result in drowsiness. Small doses increase blood pressure, while large doses lower it. Therefore, pay careful attention to dosages to achieve desired results.