Herbs For Bladder Infections

By | June 29, 2014

Bladder Infections

Garlic Herb

Bladder infection, also known as cystitis, occurs when bacteria, generally from outside the body, enter the urinary tract and infect the urethra and the bladder.

It is most common in women.

Symptoms include frequent, dribbling urination which can include painful cramping in the lower abdominal area.

The infection can also be mild, with symptoms of bladder irritation while urinating without the accompanying pain.

Herbal Remedies For Bladder Infections

Astragalus boosts immunity, helps fight infection. Tincture is taken internally.

Barberry stimulates the immune system.

Birch Leaves are a strong diuretic which helps flush toxins from the bladder and relieve bladder pain.

Buchu relieves burning during urination.

Cranberry juice acidifies urine, inhibits bacterial growth.

Dandelion has diuretic properties which help detoxify the bladder.

Garlic contains antibiotic properties and stimulates immune system. Try eating 1 or 2 fresh cloves chopped into food or if you have a juicer you can juice some cucumber and celery and 2 cloves of garlic.

Uva Ursi is a strong diuretic and antiseptic which acts specifically on the bladder and urinary tract.

Note: Sensitivities to certain foods can mimic the symptoms of this condition. Consider eliminating foods that you eat often, one by one, and see if you notice improvement.

*If you are in need of a fast acting herbal formula, Native Remedies offers an Herbal Formula for Bladder Infections, which is formulated in therapeutic dosages and contains medicinal extracts of Agothosma betulina (buchu), Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (umbabazane), Melissa Officinalis (lemon balm), Avena Sativa (Oatstraw), Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort), Vaccinium myrtillus (billberry) and Echinacea angustifolia.

Many people report fast relief from bladder infections with this formula.