Herbal Remedies ~ Ashwagandha

By | April 20, 2014

Ashwagandha Withania somnifera (Nightshade Family)

Ashwagandha Herb

Ashwaganda, typically thought of as a masculine herb, is used for relieving fatigue, nervous exhaustion, and memory loss associated with stress. It is thought to correct memory loss by modifying the way the brain uses acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits messages from nerve cell to nerve cell. If oxygen levels are low, the brain acquires acetylcholine by destroying its own cells.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen known for it’s rejuvinating, balancing and stregthening qualities.

Useful for treating nervous exhaustion and fatigue. Provides energy and stamina for physical endurance.

It has also been used traditionally to promote tissue regeneration and slow the aging process.

Ashwagandha gives an initial boost of energy which is long-lasting, making it useful for athletic performance.

All parts of the plant are used, usually in capsule form.

CAUTIONS: Avoid while taking drugs for insomnia or anxiety.

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